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February 21-24, 2019

International Crane Festival

Our team's visit to the International Crane Festival yielded interviews with diverse attendees: former marine biologist for US Fish and Wildlife, George Arcibald, Sally Crofutt-one of the first managers of an eco-tourism program, Jace Tunnell, Director at Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve, and Tom Stehn—who played a large role in Jim Blackburn's TAP vs Shaw litigation in 2011. Additional man-on-the-street interviews were filmed on the Whooping Crane Boat and the whoopers themselves appeared through the fog.


George Archibald


Sally Crofutt


Jace Tunnell


Tom Stehn




February 25, 2019

Matagorda Bay Bird Fest

Palacios, a small community near Matagorda Bay has been working to encourage ecotourism for economic development. For the last three years, they have held the Matagorda Bay BirdFest—"connecting people, birds, and nature"— that hosts birding tours of the bay and wetlands, a speakers series focused on the environmental riches of the area, and a wonderfully quirky "Parade of Birds" featuring exotic bird floats, large bird vehicles, and lots of bird costumes down South Bay Blvd. near downtown.





January 9, 2019

Katharine Hayhoe

Climate Scientist and professor

Texas Tech University


Our crew traveled to Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas where we interviewed Climate Scientist and Evangelical Christian, Katharine Heyhoe. Ms. Heyhoe has been a prominent voice in the climate change debate as a spokesperson for embracing both spirituality and science—especially where it involves the urgency of acting to mitigate environmental impacts we see everyday. Her voice strongly reinforces Jim Blackburn's message in his book, A Texas Plan for the Texas Coast, that there is a productive avenue to encouraging more environmental protection from people of faith in Texas. Spirituality is one of the three primary ares we examine in Calming the Waters.




December 16, 2018

Freeport Christmas Bird Count


Our production joined the Freeport Christmas Bird Count contingent scouring the Justin Hurst Wildlife Management Area for native and wintering species. The weather was perfect, the number of species was huge, and leading the group of five was legendary nature guide and bird lover, Victor Emanuel.


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Calming the Waters


A documentary film about reaching everyone in the cause of environmental protection.
Even the skeptics.


Calming the Waters


A documentary film about reaching everyone in the cause of environmental protection.
Even the skeptics.