Production is Ongoing (part 2)


December 15

Bill Balboa creates an oyster reef


Bill Balboa, in his efforts to rebuild oyster reefs in Matagorda Bay, enlists local volunteers to make a human chain for placement of the shells that will "seed" the reef.



December 10 -11

Shooting at Boliver Flats, San Bernard and Anahuac


Recent beautiful weather has allowed gathering more video coverage of the iconic Bolivar Flats Sanctuary on Bolivar Peninsula, then more wildlife B-roll at The San Bernard and Anahuac National Wildlife Refuges.


November 30

The Texas Coastal Exchange is Open for Business - Rice Bioscience Research Collaborative


Jim Blackburn and development partners in the Texas Coastal Exchange met with a cross section of the community to discuss the TCX's goals and mechanics, and to sign up candidates for a Texas coastal exchange for ecological services—carbon, fish and wildlife, water, and endangered species— around the Galveston and Matagorda Bay areas. Notable speakers included: Jim Blackburn, Henk  Mooiweer (Soil Value Exchange), Val Marmilion (America’s Wetland Foundation/Louisiana Coastal Exchange), and Dave Batker (Earth Economics).


October 29

Stephen Harrigan



Stephen Harrigan is a Texas novelist, screenwriter, and long-time writer for Texas Monthly and nature publications like Audubon, Outside and National Geographic. His family moved to Corpus Christi when he was young, where he became fascinated with bay and coastal waters. His debut novel, Aransas, followed a young dolphin trainer through the realization that the beautiful creatures needed live their lives free in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Stephen continues to return to the subject of Texas and its natural places in his work today.




October 29

Andrew Sansom

Director of the The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment

Former Director Texas Parks and Wildlife and Nature Conservancy


Andy Sanson spoke eloquently about his long love of—and work to protect—nature and water in Texas, and the many challenges to their health from over demand, misuse, and neglect. Mr. Sansom's interview was taped overlooking Spring Lake, the headwaters of the San Marcos River, once threatened by overuse of the Edwards Aquifer source, but saved after a protracted battle to protect some of the river's endangered species.




October 13

Bill Balboa

Texas Sea Grant Extension Agent &

Matagorda Bay Foundation

Board Member


We recently interviewed Bill Balboa. He spoke about the unique beauty and ecological importance of Matagorda Bay. Later we followed him as he directed a community effort to jumpstart oyster reef restoration, involving a large group of 4H students and Matagorda County citizens



September 18

Richard Gibbons

Conservation Director,
Houston Audubon

About Gulf Coast estuaries


Richard Gibbons of Houston Audubon gives his thoughts about the importance of the coastal habitat to birds and how birding as ecotourism has supported a win/win for the coast.




September 18

Elizabeth Winston Jones

Environmental Program Consultant

About meeting with landowners


Elizabeth Winston Jones reviews her long collaboration with Jim Blackburn. It all started with Houston Wilderness and its Green Think Tank, from which the Texas Coastal Exchange and the Lone Star Coastal National Recreation Area were launched.





September 17

Al Garrison

Fishing Guide


Jim Blackburn joins his long-standing fishing guide on Matagorda Bay. Al Garrison has been Jim's mentor— teaching him the ways of the bay and its waters.


August 30

Morning Brainstorming


An early morning brainstorming session betweem Jim Blackburn, Henk Mooiweer, and Megan Parks was caught on video for Calming the Waters.


August 8

Henk Mooiweer

Innovation Consultant

About thinking "outside the frame"


"I've heard a lot of speeches in my career, but hearing Jim speak stays in my mind, because of his kind of unique approach to solving certain problems. And I thought, 'I just need to have a meeting with Jim, and let's see what comes out of it'. In thirty minutes we hit it off and we understood that we could really start to collaborate."






August 8

Ann Hamilton

Sr. Grant Officer, Retired

About The Aransas Project vs. Shaw trial, 2011


"Jim had the right questions and George (Archibald, co-founder of the International Crane Foundation) had the right answers. It was a fascinating trial. It was like reading a John Grisham novel... The trial was sort of a capstone for my love of whooping cranes and knowing that there were so many people who cared about those birds."










Calming the Waters


A documentary film about reaching everyone in the cause of environmental protection.
Even the skeptics.


Calming the Waters


A documentary film about reaching everyone in the cause of environmental protection.
Even the skeptics.